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Ready to take your talent global?

Project Playbook is the biggest digital talent search the world has ever seen. With a grand prize of $100 000 USD, it’s going to change someone’s life forever.
Why shouldn’t it be yours?


Project Playbook


The most important 60 seconds of your life 

Project Playbook is here. The biggest digital talent showcase the world has ever seen, with a massive $100 000 grand prize for the artist or creative who proves they have what it takes.

All you have to do is show us your best work in a 60 second (or less) video, get booked on Playbook Hub between now and 17 March, and let the voters do the rest. Don’t forget to go to our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to finish off that entry.

Destiny is calling: how are you going to answer?

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What is Playbook Hub?

Source, book, manage and pay artists around the globe faster and more efficiently with their world-leading artist booking and management platform.

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